There are many ways to get involved. Help us to keep our gardens beautiful and growing!

Help us
 the Gardens!


We are grateful for interest in and support of Thomas Jefferson Gardens of Greene County in Jefferson, Iowa! In order for the Gardens to continue to be green and growing as a major attraction to our community, we need your help.

We have two areas of need - volunteers to assist with our various programs and donors to assist with the financial needs of the gardens. 

How can I get involved?

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. If interested please contact us at


If you'd like to pledge an ongoing gift, please contact us to set up an electronic funds transfer.

Pledge an ongoing gift as a sustaining member. An easy way to do that is through an electronic funds transfer you can set up through your bank with the same amount each month.

ongoing gift

Pledge an

Make a gift to the Thomas Jefferson Gardens of Greene County Endowment Fund* that will help the gardens be maintained for generations.

Endowment Fund

Give to the

Send a gift right now, any amount helps, to the Thomas Jefferson Gardens of Greene County, 201 E. Lincoln Way, Jefferson, IA 50129.

Gift Now

Send a

Make a legacy gift to the Gardens. A legacy gift is a planned future donation to a charity, given through a will or other form of designation. It is a decision that each person makes in their own financial planning process, taking into account their charitable wishes and values.

Legacy Gift

Make a

Memorial gifts provide a lasting way to honor your loved ones.

Memorial Gift

Offer a

Annuity interest, farmland, required minimum distribution from your retirement account, and gifts of grain all make unusual but beneficial gifts to the Gardens and the giver. (Check with your financial advisor.)

To Give

Other ways


 Let’s keep our gardens beautiful and growing!

We THANK YOU for whatever support you provide to the Thomas Jefferson Gardens of Greene County! Please contact us if we can provide any additional information.

Thank You!

 *While all of these donations may be tax-deductible, the endowment fund qualifies for special tax credits through the Endow Iowa program. More information on that option is available from our board members.

Plan your Visit to the Gardens

Plan your Visit to the gardens